At Plainfield Friends we have several worship options for children, teenagers, and adults of all ages. There is a place for you here, so let us help you find where that is. 

Sunday School - 10:00 am

Each Sunday we have a variety of children, youth, and adult classes in which to choose from. It is here in these small group settings that we learn foundational truths about God's Word and how it impacts us throughout the week.

Sunday Worship - 11:00 am

During our time of worship together we strive to be obedient in how the Holy Spirit leads us each week. Our goal is to see souls saved for the kingdom of God through the preaching of His Word and learn how all of us can apply His timeless message each and everyday. Here at Plainfield we make no apologies for the preaching and teaching of the gospel of Jesus Christ and His message to a lost and hurting world.

Youth Group - 4:30 to 5:30 pm    Sunday's 

In our youth groups we try to provide an environment for fun and for learning. We teach and encourage our youth to confront today's challenges in society by sharing the gospel in a way that breaks down barriers and promotes the truth of God's Word in love. We teach them about the importance of knowing God's Word through a personal relationship as a disciple of Jesus Christ. And then there's always the "Play Time" that is enjoyed by all.

Sunday Bible Study - 6:00 pm 

The focus in our Bible study group is to dig deep into God's Word to understand and uncover all that He has for us. During this time of fellowship we explore the original languages, as well as the cultural, geographical, and historical background of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation and how it directly relates to us today.


Choir Practice - 5:00 pm Sunday evenings 

Prayer Meeting - 9:00 am Tuesdays at a members residence 

Breakfast Bunch - 8:30 am Thursdays at various local restaurants 

Missionary Meeting - 7:00 pm 1st Wednesday of every month 

Ministry & Counsel - 6:30 pm 3rd Wednesday of every month 

Monthly Meeting - 7:30 pm 3rd Wednesday of every month